Notice of Legal and Privacy Policies for Speech Therapy Service

Notification of Legal and Privacy Policies:

    • Speech therapy services are provided by Wissam Chidiak, Speech and Language Therapist, either at his office located at 14 Akin Adesola Street, VI, Lagos, or online via Zoom.
    • All client information will be kept confidential, securely stored in a location inaccessible to the public. Only the Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) and the parents will have direct access to the information without requiring written approval.
    • Evaluation reports, progress reports, therapy goals, and therapy plans will be communicated exclusively to the parents.
    • Evaluation reports, progress reports, therapy goals, and therapy plans may be provided to outside sources, such as doctors or insurance providers, only upon written request by the parents.
    • No promises made outside of the agreement, either before or after the effective date, will be binding upon the parties.


    • Each child will be allowed a maximum of two consecutive cancellations. Beyond that, a new appointment must be booked, as the child’s session will be removed from the schedule.
    • If your child becomes sick or if an emergency arises, please contact the SLT immediately. We understand that unexpected situations can occur and will accommodate accordingly.
    • If we are unable to keep a therapy appointment for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will then work together to arrange a suitable time for either an in-person or online make-up appointment.


    • We can conduct an initial evaluation at the request of the parents. Alternatively, parents may provide their child’s previous private practice evaluation report to obtain an updated account of the client’s ability level. However, if the evaluation report is outdated, an updated evaluation will be necessary to establish goals and provide therapy.
    • Speech-Language therapy services will be provided based on goals that are mutually agreed upon by both parties, with the aim of best serving your individual child. These goals can be established through one or more of the following means: administered evaluations/reports, outside evaluations/reports, observations, and parent requests.
    • Therapy sessions will have a duration of either 45 or 30 minutes. The timing of the sessions will depend on the specific needs of the child and the targeted objectives.
    • To ensure the safety of your child during therapy sessions, a CCTV system is installed in the therapy room. However, please be assured that the encrypted video footage is only saved offline for a limited time. It is securely stored in a location away from public access. If necessary, the child’s legal guardians will have access to the footage.

Financial Policy

  • Rate of expressive and receptive language evaluation, including report: 100.00 USD
  • Rate of articulation evaluation, including report: 80.00 USD
  • Rate of expressive and receptive language with an articulation evaluation, including report: 150.00 USD
  • Rate of ADOS-2 assessment, including report: 250.00 USD
  • Rate of speech-language therapy 30 minutes individual sessions: 40.00 USD
  • Rate of speech-language therapy 45 minutes individual sessions: 50.00 USD
  • Payment can be settled in either NGN or USD and can be made in cash, via bank transfer, or by cheque.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the Speech and Language Therapist will provide a receipt within a few days for the services rendered.
  • Please note that parents are responsible for submitting all claims and receipts to their insurance company if they wish to seek reimbursement for speech therapy services.
  • These rates for evaluation and/or therapy are applicable for the year 2023/2024.